The crop top: the fashion trend of the moment!

The cutoff shirt is a style of clothing that seems to interest especially young people. Indeed, its original cut makes it an accessory particularly appreciated by teenagers and young adults, adding character and modernity to the outfit in question. Often worn in a casual way, the crop top can however also be worn with dressier outfits in order to break the look and give a more modern look to a classic outfit.

All about the crop top

The name crop top has an English origin coming from the word cropped top which literally means cut T-shirt. The crop top usually reveals the navel and presents a sexy but not vulgar aspect. This phenomenon of the cropped T-shirt has its source in American soccer players in the early 80s who used to cut their T-shirt above the navel to have a better distribution of their body heat. A fashion that has gained more and more ground in the sports world and has also managed to seduce the common people. After a period when the crop fashion was discreet, it made its big comeback around the 90s and has not ceased to attract the attention of fashion- lovers.

The reasons for the success of the crop-top

This type of clothing is particularly popular during the summer period. Indeed, the heat and humidity during the summer often makes people prefer to wear light outfits in which they feel comfortable and this is the case of the crop top. In addition, the crop has the advantage of adapting to all morphologies. For those who do not necessarily like to reveal their skin or their navel, no panic! It is possible to associate this top with a high-waisted bottom which will allow to hide the belly and will put forward the waist and the hips. Thus, the crop top is a fashion accessory that seduces because of the freshness it will add to the wardrobe.

How to wear the crop top

If the crop top can be worn by all types of morphology and on any occasion, there are however some rules to take into account to harmonize the whole. First of all, the ideal crop top will be slightly loose and will not be tight whatever its length is except for the bra. Then, women with large breasts should favor the crop top because it will allow to mark the waist while highlighting the neckline. Finally, whatever crop top is chosen, the key is to wear the garment in a sexy and not vulgar way, which may involve less skin than implied by the garment.

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