How to maintain and clean napa leather?

Leather is a noble material. Its denomination depends totally on the finish of the leather. Napa is a product obtained from leather. It is generally used to make leather goods (wallets, bags, etc.), shoes, jackets or car upholstery. But how…

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Summer special: 5 really hot beach bags!

The summer season is the best time to enjoy your vacation. Thus, going to the beach is a good idea to better enjoy the good weather and the sun. For that, it is necessary to prepare in advance the essential…

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Upcycling: the big trend to transform everything!

You’ve probably heard the word upcycling before but don’t know what it is. Upcycling is a practice you may have already adopted without realizing it. Increasingly popular, the reuse of objects is becoming a major trend due to criticism of…

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Vegan and biodegradable new accessories: 100% recyclable!

Respectful of animals and ecology, vegan people eliminate from their consumption products that contain substances of animal origin, whether for food or clothing, in their lifestyle in general. Producers from all sectors are following the trends and producing vegan products,…

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Renting clothes: the best deal of the moment

Renting affects many sectors: cars, real estate, etc. For a few years now, a new trend has been observed: the rental of clothes. It is a very fashionable way of consumption which seduces more and more the general public. But…

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Leather goods: what are the alternatives to animal leather?

The production of animal leather incites a lot of cruelty towards animals, because it is from the skin of these living beings, which will be killed, that it is made. In addition, contrary to popular belief, real leather is not…

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