Vegan and biodegradable new accessories: 100% recyclable!

Respectful of animals and ecology, vegan people eliminate from their consumption products that contain substances of animal origin, whether for food or clothing, in their lifestyle in general. Producers from all sectors are following the trends and producing vegan products, even in the fashion sector. Discover the vegan and biodegradable accessories.

Consume vegan and biodegradable: 100% recyclable

To satisfy the vegans who are more and more numerous in the society, and also to preserve the planet from the waste of our consumption, vegan and biodegradable products are now available on the market. New brands have appeared. Others, already present, have started to elaborate articles without animal materials.

Many clothes, shoes, cosmetics are now labeled vegan. But in addition to the absence of animal substances, the manufacture of these products is carried out with respect of ecological conditions and in decent working conditions. The raw materials are chosen to be organic and recyclable. Innovations on raw materials have allowed the creation and development of many brands.

Vegan shoes: they exist!

The idea may seem strange to those who are not familiar with vegan fashion, but vegan shoes do exist. Made of vegetable leather, canvas like linen or organic cotton, with natural rubber soles, vegan shoes are available on the market. And the best part is that the prices are not more expensive than a pair of classic shoes.

As for design, vegan shoes adapt to current trends. Some of the collections have a clean, simple and timeless design and are intended for both men and women.

Vegan bags

The vegan trend is growing. In all countries, vegan bag brands are emerging: Quebec, France, Belgium, Portugal... The bags are made from vegetable leather, from fruit, such as pineapple leaves or fruit fibers. Shopping bags, clutches, and shoulder bags are available in the market. It is difficult to distinguish a "normal"   bag from a vegan one, from a design point of view.

Vegan bags also have the little details that define their style. You have the choice to match your outfits with the perfect bag, as they come in a variety of sizes, formats and colors. But you will have the pleasure of wearing it as an ecological and biodegradable accessory. Plus, they compete very well with high-end bags.

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