5 tips to customize your clothes

Recovering an old garment, following the trend, personalizing a garment which is too basic and banal are all good reasons to resort to customization. Moreover, the tips for customization are usually easy and quite feasible at home. Customization can be done on a pair of pants, a top or a jacket. Check out five quick and easy tips that are suitable even for beginners.

Add elements to make transformation 

It is possible to personalize a simple white or solid color t-shirt by adding decorative elements on it. On the collar, sleeves or front, you can add beads or rhinestones. The beads can be solid or in different colors and sizes. On a pair of denim pants, you can add these same elements or studs on the edges of the pockets or all along the pant leg.

Pieces of fabric with a colorful or floral pattern or ready-made embroidery can also be added to the back of a jacket or on the pockets of a pair of pants. Cut the fabric according to the shape and size of the part you want to cover.

Cut to change

A simple but effective tip, opt for cutting. Whether it's on a pair of pants or a t-shirt, you just have to cut out a part to have a new style of clothing. For the pants, you cut the legs and you have a pair of shorts, you taper the bottom to have bangs. No need to buy to have shorts with bangs. The crop top is currently very trendy, if you have a large t-shirt, cut the bottom on the front following a curve upwards to get a crop top, and it's done.

Color to decorate

With the various innovations, there are now solid fabric paints on the market. On a t-shirt, you sprinkle a few drops of paint and you end up with colored beads on your clothing.

Otherwise, there is a basic trick that can be done with simple wall paint on a denim garment. You can take a paper cardboard on which you cut out patterns. You then paint the garment with a simple sponge using the cardboard as a stencil. You can use this trick on all parts of the garment: pockets, back, or collar. Customization has no limits. Use your imagination to make your own unique customized clothing.

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