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Terrycloth: a very fashionable textile this summer in your wardrobe!

In summer, some garments are more favored than others. For this season, terrycloth is gaining more space in consumers’ wardrobes. Why is this textile so popular? What makes it so different from other fabrics? The sponge: what textile is it…

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Should you throw your clothes in the garbage? What are the recycling solutions?

There are many things you can do with your worn-out and useless clothes apart from throwing them away. One solution is to transform them yourself into other utilities, but   this requires a little knowledge of textile making. Giving a…

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How to dress for a chic evening?

You have received an invitation to a fancy party and you don’t know what to wear? All women have experienced this problem. Too excited to find the perfect outfit, you start asking yourself lots of questions. Even if your closet…

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What swimsuit to wear when you have a small chest?

Small breasts have many advantages: they are never vulgar; they look good on everything and you can choose from many dresses and swimsuits for small breasts. Almost always, a small breast is part of a skinny, sometimes stringy body, which…

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5 cheap tips for dressing up for a wedding

To find elegant and chic clothes at a low price, you can shop online or in second hand stores. If you have limited choices, you can opt for a rental. If you are looking for a place to buy your…

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