What swimsuit to wear when you have a small chest?

Small breasts have many advantages: they are never vulgar; they look good on everything and you can choose from many dresses and swimsuits for small breasts. Almost always, a small breast is part of a skinny, sometimes stringy body, which on the beach can make a spectacle of itself. But often, those with small breasts are looking for a swimsuit that enhances their shape, creating optical effects that make their breasts appear larger.

Push-up bikini with ruffles

The model preferred by those with small breasts is the classic bikini with padded triangle. As an alternative, a bra with padding and underwiring is sometimes preferred. While, this can be very useful to deceive the male gaze, it might also be very uncomfortable, as the suit will dry more slowly. Triangles and padded bras, however, can have removable cups, which can eventually be replaced by silicone "fishnets", more comfortable and easier to dry. Among the various alternatives of swimwear for small breasts, the cups certainly give a better optical effect: be careful, however, to choose the right size, otherwise you risk to create the "empty" effect.

Bikini with padded bandeau

If you're a size zero or a size one, the best way to create volume is to choose a bikini with a padded bandeau, or enriched with ruffles and frills. There is no shortage of colors and patterns, with the animal trend of 2021. It's a perfect solution both for a slender physique and for tanning the shoulders without the sign of laces or anything else; if you have a nice upper structure, so sufficiently trained shoulders and deltoids, the effect will be really wonderful. Another advantage of the bandeau is its great comfort and the possibility of choosing between many types and models: with a sweetheart neckline, with or without padding, with decorations and applications, or with the possibility of adding a strap behind the neck if you are doing sports on the beach or just want to be more comfortable.

Tops and ruffles

It's not just padded triangles, underwired bras and bandeau bikinis: two-piece swimsuits with a large top are also a great idea for those looking for a swimsuit for smaller breasts, to create an optical effect of volume and "fullness". Thanks to their soft shape and ruffles, bikinis with a top are able to balance the proportion between the chest and the pelvis, especially for those who have a silhouette that tends to be pear-shaped; in this case also, those who have well-shaped shoulders can opt for.

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