How to maintain and clean napa leather?

Leather is a noble material. Its denomination depends totally on the finish of the leather. Napa is a product obtained from leather. It is generally used to make

leather goods (wallets, bags, etc.), shoes, jackets or car upholstery. But how to maintain and clean napa leather?

Napa leather: what is it?

Napa leather is a precious and expensive material. It is a leather of very high quality which is usually fine and smooth. It is really delicate and supple, and even, devoid of grain. Indeed, the quality of the skin is natural as no color coating or varnish is applied to the material. Napa leather comes from all types of animals, including calf, lamb, or goat. It is intended for multiple uses. You will find, for example, a range of leather bags on 24S.

Napa leather is sensitive to dirt and grease stains because of its thinness and purity. Over time, it will lighten. If your leather is wet, avoid drying it near a heat source (fire or radiator). The fire could deform it and dry it out. Thus, regular maintenance is necessary to prevent wear and tear of your napa leather.

How to maintain Napa leather?

Many products can be used to maintain and clean your napa leather. We can mention the special cream for leather, wax, etc. Opt for products reserved for fine or fragile materials in order to preserve the original finish of your jacket or your shoes. Indeed, the cream is essential for the cleaning of the material. It is also a rich and nourishing care. Before applying this cream, brush your leather with a very soft brush to remove dust. Let the cream dry, then shine your leather with a polishing brush or a soft cloth.

Important tips for maintaining the quality of your leather

Whether it is a leather garment, shoes, bag or car seat, waxing is important to nourish the material. It allows to preserve the shine, the color and the flexibility of the leather. Use good quality and well composed maintenance products. Use wax that does not attack or denature the material. In short, a good maintenance creates a barrier against the small aggressions in the daily life of napa leather.

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