How to remove pilling from wool sweaters?

Walking out with pilling in a sweater is not nice. Although they don't affect the quality of the wear items, they are still unpleasant. In order to stay warm in winter while preserving your favorite spots, a few tricks can be adopted. Tweezers, a razor or a lice comb are all effective ways to eliminate them.

Remove pilling by hand

Obviously, it takes time to remove the pellets one by one and by hand, but this method will definitely work especially if you have long nails. If the pellet is very sticky, this solution is fine. While brushes or sticky tape can effectively remove hair from clothing, sweaters and couches, they can also remove pilling. Run the brush over the sweater or wrap a piece of tape over your finger with the sticky side out, then gently wipe the pill away.

Remove pellets with a lice comb and other instruments

Cashmere sweater experts recommend using lice combs to remove pilling. Lightly pull clothing, sweaters or upholstery from the sofa to level it, then gently comb it with a lice comb. The abrasive surface of pumice, sandpaper (the finest gravel) or sponge is very effective in removing pilling from sweaters, clothing or sofa upholstery. Gently but firmly stretch the fabric and pull it through without putting too much pressure on sandpaper or pumice stone. Pull the clothes and put the pumice stone on the wool. The ball of wool will stick to the pumice stone. Gently rub the wool with the abrasive surface of the sponge, and the ball of wool from the sweater will stick to the sponge.

Remove pilling with a razor

Grab one end of the clothes, sweater or couch cover; stretch it out; then use a hand razor from top to bottom gently but firmly on the surface of the sweater, pants or clothes, for example, three blades are very effective. Use razors with used blades: it's less harmful to fabrics. If your hands are very dexterous, the razor blade can work, otherwise use a special traction electric razor on the market for the purpose. It will have the advantages of a removable drip tray and adjustable cutting height, in 3 positions.

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