Long dresses: what shoes to wear with them?

Over the years, the maxi dress remains a trend in every spring, summer, and even winter season. In fact, long dresses can be worn on any occasion with unlimited styles. Yet, you need to pair this type of dress well with a pair of shoes to enhance it and make a style statement.

A pair of sneakers: a trend in the city

The dress matches perfectly with the sneakers. This combination is great for an absolutely feminine and urban look. A pair of sneakers keeps you comfortable and stylish all day long. Indeed, they will break the too feminine side of the long outfit.

For a stylish look, go for long dresses with patterns. You should know how to play with flowers and printed colors, with a wide range of choices. In addition, you can also opt for a slit maxi dress, which will show off your legs skillfully. This dress goes very well with a pair of low top sneakers. Choose a basic style that can be easily combined, no matter what style of dress you choose.

A sandal: a chic and sophisticated look

Pairing your long dresses with sandals is the easiest way. If you pair it with a pair of high-heeled sandals, your dress will definitely ensure that your silhouette is very refined and elegant. This combination is perfect for events such as parties or weddings. Choose high heels to add a few inches and get the femme fatale look.

The sandal can enhance your legs and elongate your shape. For this, favor plain sandals, unless you like to play nice with prints. Black is a must for a chic ceremony. You can also choose a solid color dress, like red or white. There's no need to go overboard with patterns, if you choose a very delicate style, your long skirt alone is enough. A pair of high heels will complete the look perfectly.

A pair of slippers: a casual outfit

A long dress is also suitable for slippers, and this duo is suitable for everyday wear. This outfit is perfect for summer. When the night is cool, grab a denim jacket and your outfit is complete. Pairing a dress with flats gives more comfort in everyday life, or when you go to the beach. You can also mark your waist with a printed belt to add an extra sense of creativity.

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