The 80’s style shoulder pads are back on the catwalk

The current trend? It's all about showcasing vintage fashion items. Why not lean towards shoulder pads? Effigies of the 80's: they are accessories that add fashion to your outfits while keeping its vintage look. Moreover, epaulets are great for simple and even extravagant looks.

A shoulder pad for every body type!

Before ordering your super trendy item, first make sure it fits your body type. For a small figure, go for the mini-epaulets or those that restructure you less; they are the ideal! Indeed, the big shoulder pads can quickly make you look even smaller. On the other hand, if you are tall, you can allow yourself any type, whether the imposing shoulder pads or other more atypical shapes.

If we talk about body shape in general, the 80s shoulder pads are made to give you the V-shaped body shape and add some volume to your body. Moreover, they are

very recommended by fashion experts if you want to smother your figure. For the 8 or A shape, there are types of shoulder pads that are not very conspicuous to harmonize your figure even more.

Shoulder pads: a fashion story

Before being adopted by several brand names, epaulets were primarily accessories on the uniforms of the French army. In addition, they are indicators of the ranks of soldiers. A few years later, they were ubiquitous on the catwalk and they declined on the outfits in several models. Used to customize great jackets or to style designer dresses, epaulets are also used for all other types of clothing. In fact, the models of epaulets to be padded have just been released for the greatest pleasure of fashion addicts.

To be found on online sales sites!

From now on, avoid all the travel and find your trendy shoulder pads from online sales platforms. Very practical, you will just have to find the right address on the online search engines and choose among the thousands of stores selling shoulder pads. The best store? It is the one that will be able to give you a multitude of exceptional services at lower prices. Moreover, the articles will be classified according to their models which will facilitate even more your shopping session on Internet. For the most demanding, no worries, the articles are displayed with their respective technical sheets.

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