Sailor’s T-shirt: the trendy T-shirt of the summer!

In the heat wave, striped clothing styles are back in vogue on the market. Whether for men or women, the sailor fashion comes out of the closet again after the winter break. Among the most chosen, the tee-shirt is again winning over many people, whether for city or beach wear.

Why is the sailor’s tee-shirt recommended for summer?

Being the image of sailors on ships, this blue striped style gives illusion to their outfit. In the same context, summer offers the blue color of the sea and the fine sands of the beaches. It is then a better interpretation of the liveliness of the warm season, but also a style lent to sailors.

The short sleeve sailor’s tee-shirt offers lightness and style, for being well suited in the summer theme and trend. This piece of clothing thus offers comfort and fashion to all those who know how to adopt it. Currently, it is more viral than ever, and is making a comeback among young and old people alike.

How to dress up with striped pieces?

The sailor’s tee-shirt is a perfect fit for any taste. Whether you want it for a stylish, casual, sexy or semi-casual theme, the piece fits perfectly with everything. The striped tee can be paired with a denim piece, going from blue and white throughout. You can match it with a skirt or shorts, or even with Bermuda shorts.

For the little ones, the stripes stand out with a denim jumpsuit or dungarees in a thinner fabric. The sailor becomes more standard, with a variety of styles. For a   total summer look, make it accompanied by colors like gray, pink or red.

Which color to choose for a summer trend?

The sailor’s tee-shirt is no longer limited to white and black stripes. Today, it is available in several colors: blue, red, yellow or orange on the lines, while the background is white. Depending on the style, it can even be combined with lace or ribbons of other colors.

There are also styles with close strokes and farther strokes or both on the same piece. Black has even become the trendy background after white. To be more stylish for this summer, opt for a t-shirt in your favorite color and in the right size, adapted to your body type.

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