The One Thing YOU Absolutely Must Do For Eid


Every year, morning of Eid, I will wake up to the smell of mum’s wonderful cooking. We’ll have the staple ‘ketupat’ and ‘lontong’ with mum’s signature ‘rendang’ and ‘sambal goreng’. To top it off, she’ll add curry chicken, ‘lodeh’ and ‘ayam masak merah’ for good measure. It is indeed a feast, one that is often seen in most Singaporean Muslim homes on the first day of Eid.

Yet, do you know that are many other Muslims who spend Eid alone? Our newly converted Muslim brothers and sisters for example. I imagine, it would be quite lonely if you are the only one celebrating Eid in the family. Coupled with the fact that your network of Muslim friends hasn’t expanded quite extensively.

So this year, I am starting a new tradition with my family. Myself and friends from Elegance, SG Muslims for Eid and InterFaith Youth Community are starting a movement to include all Muslims for Eid. Eid is a celebration for all Muslims and I encourage you, do this one thing and you’ll have a more meaningful Eid. (Plus you will make new friends!)

Here’s how;

Invite a Muslim convert to your home on the first day of Eid. If you have a space (or 2!), register here to take part and we’ll match you with your guest(s).

What if I am a convert?

Fill in your details here and we’ll match you with your host.

So, this Eid, open your houses and hearts. Lets celebrate Eid together!

Juzaila Jumari

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