The Land of The Rising Sun



Written by Shahirah Rahim

This was one of my most memorable trips not only because Japan is an excellent place to visit, it is also my first overseas trip with the people I love, my closest friends from high school.

Before you head down to Japan, it is always good to map out where you’ll be going to to ensure that the place you are at has no shortage of halal food. After all, what’s a holiday without good food right? If you are in a situation of an emergency and you have to settle for instant food from the convenience stores, just avoid anything that’s soupy even though it is just a cup of seafood flavoured instant noodles. Trust me, there’s going to be stuff in there you won’t want to consume!

Second and most important, if you’re travelling free and easy, it’ll be good to have someone in the group who can converse and read in Japanese or Mandarin. Why? Because most or almost all signboards are in Japanese, and even if you do not read Japanese, some of its characters resemble Chinese characters. Last but not least, get your Japan Rail Passes before you fly off from Singapore! These passes will entitle you to unlimited rides on most subways.  Please also bear in mind that the Japanese railway has the most extensive and complicated lines. Taking the wrong line could land you some place faraway!

During this trip, we covered Osaka, a short stop at Hiroshima, Kyoto and lastly Tokyo. The entire trip took approximately two weeks…

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A banker by day and an ordinary girl with jet setter dreams by night. She loves new experiences and believes that you’ve got to taste it to know it. Travelling gives her time to reflect on His creations, sometimes just by staring into the vastness of a horizon or across a mountain range. And her motto comes from the famous hadith; Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveller along a path.