The Easiest Method to wake up for Tahajjud


How to wake up for Tahajjud easily? Is there any easy method to wake up for Tahajjud?

Nod your head if this is you. You set the intention to wake up for the night prayer, Tahajjud.  Allah descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, asking, “Who is asking me, so I can give to him? Who is calling upon me, so I can answer him? Who is seeking my forgiveness, so I can forgive him?'”

You don’t want to miss His calling. So you slept early, set the alarm, make dua that you won’t miss to wake up for Tahajjud only to  wake up that Fajar was almost over. Or for some us, well after Fajar was over. What happen?

Why is it for some of us, Tahajjud is such a struggle? Especially when you did hear the alarm and your eyes won’t open, or you negotiate with your sleepy self to have 5 minutes more only to admit no matter how much you tried, you just can’t wake up for this special prayer.

Listen up, cos this tip is guaranteed to make you consistent in your Tahajjud prayers In Shaa Allah.

  1. Make Dua to Allah
  2. Set the intention
  3. Drink water before you sleep

What has no.3 got to do with Tahajjud? I call it the ‘assisted nudge’ that you can do to improve your chances of “hearing the call of nature”. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? Here’s something for you think on. That is not nature’s call. That is Allah’s call. He has gently woken you up from slumber, waiting for you to make prayers to Him and what do you do? To the bathroom and bed again.

So the next time you are up at night, realize that is Allah’s calling. So tell yourself ‘Toilet then Tahajjud’ and immediately make wudhu after you relieve yourself. I find this tip alone has made me consistent in waking up for Tahajjud every night and I don’t struggle as much as I used to Alhamdullilah.

Try it tonight. I pray you much success.

Juzaila Jumari

How to Wake Up for Tahajjud Easily

How to Wake Up for Tahajjud Easily

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