Tawakkul: How To Have It



What is Tawakkul?

Tawakkul translates as ‘trust and reliance’.

Reliance on Allah.

Trust in Allah’s plan and accept whatever the outcome may be.

“And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever places his trust in Allah, Sufficient is He for him, for Allah will surely accomplish His Purpose: For verily, Allah has appointed for all things a due proportion.”

Surah Talaq, 65:3

Applying tawakkul in every aspect of our lives is essential. Tawakkul is an important branch of faith and a form of worship. It instils good qualities in us like patience, strength and contentment. Having tawakkul gives us a certain kind of energy and allow us to lead a life, where we give full obedience to Allah.

Benefits of Tawakkul

It helps to relieve stress and worry

When we realise that we can only do what is within our control and leave the results to Allah, we learn to accept the outcome, whatever it may be. And it relieves us from being too stress and worry and have faith that Allah knows what is best for us.

Not depressed by what we lost or too intoxicated by our success

We learn that our loss and success depends on him. What is not meant to be for us will never reach us. And whatever we receive, we know that it comes from Allah, which will prevent us from being intoxicated with our success.

How to have Tawakkul

Work towards our goals

Having tawakkul doesn’t mean that you should give up, not make any efforts and expected your problems to be resolved. You need to strive and work hard towards your goals. While at the same time having trust and reliance that Allah takes care of all your affairs. HE will help you get through any problems that you have.

Remove arrogance from our lives

Our intelligence, our knowledge and our skills are what Allah has blessed us with. Always be grateful to HIM for all the blessings you received. If we are given smartness, it is because Allah has given us that ability. And it is through the will of Allah, that we are given success and able to reach our goals.

Take the time to reflect

In life, there are always obstacles. No human can escape feeling sadness or anger when facing problems. Know that it is alright to feel sad or angry. It is a part of being a human. It is through our sadness or anger that we remember Allah. Allah will never burden someone with anything that they cannot bear. Always look to him through dua, praying istiharah or zikir to get you through the difficult period. In shaa allah, HE will send you calmness and tranquillity to overcome your woes.

Surrender to Allah completely

Always remind ourselves that Allah is the best of all planners. The obstacles we go through are what we need to go through in life to be a better Muslims. Always place our trust and faith in HIM that everything happens as HE wills and that HE is with us in every step that we make. Believe that Allah sees our every effort to make a change or to overcome our problems. Surrender to Allah completely and have trust that HE knows what is best at the end of the day.


So let’s learn to apply tawakkul in our lives. You will see that you will overcome your problems with more ease and calmness. And when you have tawakkul, you are relieved of all your worries, sadness or anguish.

May Allah bless us in the journey we are making. May HE grants us ease and strength to get through any problems that we faced. Ameen!