Parenting With Intention



Tahirah Bte Mohamed, aged 38 is a Stay-At-Home-Mum with 7 children,2 of which are Special Needs children. She was featured on a reality video, Islamic Education For ALL where she became an instant inspiration for Muslim mums whose goals are to bring up their children in an Islamic environment. Read about how she manages a big family without discounting the discipline and Islamic teachings in the upbringing of her children. She is a living example that parenting is regardless of the number of children but the commitment you put in to make it work.

What type of parenting style do you feel you have? 
I am an authoritative parent. I set rules and enforces them. I also explain and discuss the reasons behind the rules to my children. I care and will give my children the freedom they earn but for safety reasons, they will have to do what I say. For every actions, there will be consequences.

I practice tough love and a balance form of parenting in the hope that my children turn out well-behaved and high achieving.

What problems do you face now or have faced in the past raising 7 children, 2 with Autism and ADHD and how have you attempted to handle these problems?

Nurturing 7 kids including 2 with special needs can be overwhelming. My child with autism used to have frequent meltdowns when he was much younger. With strategies, support and doa, he can now manage his emotions pretty well. A sensible and an independent learner, his siblings all look up to him. For my child with ADHD who truly love animals, he is still progressing. I have learned to set my academic standards lower. I am not looking for perfection but progress and effort.

Despite all these, there were times when I gave more attention to the younger children even though I didn’t want my older children to feel neglected or deprived of my attention. So I set a timetable for their iqra’, revision, game time, TV time and mealtime etc.

Alhamdulillah, special needs or not, I am grateful that they are healthy and happy…

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