Misdirected Hopes


Misdirected hopes. So many of us suffer from misdirected hopes. Some of us expect perfection from ourselves. Some are seeking the perfect relationship, or spouse, or friendship. Some want the perfect body or perfect career. But we all suffer from the same ailment, in different forms. Instead of seeking perfection in jennah, we seek it from this life, and get burned in the process. Like a person sprinting tirelessly on a treadmill, we give our everything to an endeavor, but move nowhere.

Learn to accept, and even appreciate, this life for what it is: a place of lessons, growth, hard work, imperfection, striving…but also a place of breathtaking beauty, hope, and overwhelming love.

This human experience wasn’t created to be perfect. And it wasn’t created to last. The sooner we can redirect our sight and our deepest hope, the sooner we can step off the treadmill. And enter the Real race.

Yasmin Mogahed