When I found out there was a new halal bakery in town selling fine dining cakes and French pastries, I honestly can’t believe it. It was the first time I heard of such bakery. After trying out some of their high quality cakes (their Choc Marquise is delicious Masha Allah!), I was excited to meet up with the pastry chef for an interview.

I was really honoured to get to know Chef Sabrina Yeow, a remarkable Muslim pastry chef who has won many national awards for her knowledge and artistic skills in pastry and dessert making. She received her culinary art education at the best hospitality school, Le Cordon Blue in Australia where top pastry chefs dominate. image (4)

During our meet up, she shared with me what were used to bake her products as a substitute for any alcohol or doubtful animal based ingredients.  It was through our conversation that I realised how much thought process Sabrina has put into creating her desserts.

Chef Sabrina set up her Gateau shop in the east area of Singapore to share her love of creations with the community. She partners with Tatgu for the supply of low sugar TATGUTM Couverture Chocolate and ingredients to bring the community the goodness of enjoying fine dining healthy desserts at an affordable price.

In this interview, Sabrina shares about how she started a career in culinary arts, why she opened the bakery and what she hopes to do in the future.

What inspired you to start baking and what decisions did you make to become a professional chef?

It was during my first home economic lesson when I learnt how to bake pineapple turnover pudding. I got very excited when the first product came out from the oven. That got me hooked to baking for the rest of my life.

I decided to pursue studies in pastries and desserts making after my secondary school education thus, I enrolled into Shatec and pursued a Diploma at Le Cordon Blue in Australia. It was this certification that brought me to many different places to learn from my mentors and chef coaches.


You have worked with top chefs in 5 Star Hotels before and one of them is Chef Emmanuel. What great lessons have you learnt from him?

I met Chef Emmanuel at Saint Pierre Restaurant.  He allowed me the freedom to create and test new products using ingredients of my own with only guiding principle that every ingredient used are not to be thrown or go to waste.   Everything has to turn into sellable desserts for the restaurant. This is where I got to exercise my creativity skills and put my knowledge on food to a great use.

I believe you are putting the lessons you gained from Chef Emmanuel into your baking. What can your customers expect from your cakes?

Fresh, great looking and delicious tasting cakes made from carefully selected high quality ingredients that are blend together at an affordable price.

Our cakes are always SOLD OUT. Do give us (1) (1)

What would be the next step for you?

The reason why I started this shop is because someone close to me is diabetic.  He was craving for some sweet desserts and I hardly found anything suitable for him to eat.   That was my objective and intention on why I decided to start up this shop. It is to bring pastry and confectionary suitable for health conscious people.  We want to offer a selection of sweets that can satisfy their cravings.  This is my driving motivation for my next step.

And to do that, you will need a great team to support your goals. What do you look for in someone who wants to work with you?  

I only work with people who are willing to learn and grow together with me, coachable, ability to work together as a team player and considerable towards others.  They should have initiative too. And because we are dealing with food, strictly no smoking and should look presentable with hygiene cleanliness.

Is that how the new partnership with TG Gateau Pte Ltd emerged?

This partnership is formed on the basis of having the common philosophy and vision of looking for healthy choice of ingredients to present to our consumers.   We see a synergy of partnership, as I being the chef managing the production and creation of halal cakes and pastry,  Tatgu supports in the marketing and promotion.

While in search of healthy ingredient for the cakes and pastry making, I came across this World first low sugar chocolate couverture and SFC sugar that when incorporated into my recipes, it reduces the normal sugar by about 70% which I would have used.  Yet it still give the same sweetness and better taste.  The result of the cakes and pastry is amazing. So we decided to partner with TATGU Pte Ltd, ingredients supplier, to form TG Gateau.  Taste Great!  20151123_145725

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as purchase your cakes?

 20151207_001023Readers can drop by our shop at 263 Tanjong Katong Rd, Suites@Katong, just in front of Tanjong Katong Girls’ school or contact us via phone no 9022 2681 / 9834 4785 / 9645 4147 or email us at

We are in the process of setting up the website, facebook, etc.  We will update readers soon.