Luscious Dolls Cosmetics

Luscious Dolls Cosmetics

Diyana Scott aka Lady Dee is a well known Make Up artist in Singapore who has dolled up runway models and superstars. She has her own cosmetic brand, Luscious Dolls Cosmetics which is slowly becoming  a woman’s essential in the make up bag! Diyana’s dedication to her quality of work is transparent and  most importantly, she knows how to maintain life as a loving mother to her three children as well as giving excellent services to her clients and business partners.

LD - MakeUp

You have always been called out for mega events to doll up runway models since its launch. What were some of your hopes for the brand when you were just starting up? What did you aim for Luscious Dolls to become?

My hopes for Luscious Dolls Cosmetics when it launched was for it to bloom and get exposed for its superb quality because its a paraben-free and allergy-tested cosmetics. Not many commercial products suits sensitive skin and even if there are, they are too expensive. My aim is not to mimic any brand. I want it to be known and recognised for its brand and its versatility of shades and colours.

LD- Runaway

How did all this began and expanded till you become the most sought after Make Up artist in Singapore?

I have been in the industry for about 9 years now and felt like I wanted to do more than just makeup. Then, one day I used a commercial brand that caused major breakouts on my face. I was so frustrated with all the products I used and searched for an allergy-free product. It struck me then to produce my own brand. After which, I started doing small jobs with Mediacorp’s Stylist and more runway shows and eventually bloomed from there..

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What is your make up style for your clients and where do you gather the inspiration from?

I like makeup looks that are fresh, youthful and elegant. My most favourite makeup artists are Samer Khouzmi from Lebanon and Alha Alfa from Malaysia. Their styles are so elegant and demure. Nothing too bold or halloween-style.


You’re a mother of three. Like many entrepreneurs, they have to balance both family life and business. Are there ever times where you would get overwhelmed and had to take back a step or two?

My husband and I have a very family-oriented background which also mean that our families are big. Like us, they run their own businesses. We learn many things from their experience when it comes to balancing work and family time. When I am overwhelmed with bookings, orders and assignments, he takes over the mummy duties and I have to have “black-out” dates for my kids and family. Lucky for me, my helper is good at handling my active kids too. So we work our calendar and schedule most of the time to ensure our kids don’t ‘miss’ us.

What does your daily routine look like?

Every day is a challenging routine for me because I am juggling my business, family, appointments & orders for my products out for delivery while my 15months old baby is still breastfeeding. Sometimes, I get so stressed up that I just sit in front of the TV eating away like any other woman do..

If business becomes overwhelming, what is your remedy for a bad day (if you’ve had any!).

To be honest, when times like this comes I complain and pour my hearts out to Mr Husband and he listens quietly. When I am done talking, he advices me and at times he helps out. Sometimes he is away on vessels, so the only remedy to my bad day is to put the things away & sit in the toy room with my kids and play pretend. Hahahaa

Where do you see Luscious Dolls Cosmetics in the next year… or five years?

You can expect to see Luscious Dolls Cosmetics going global and hopefully, gain attention from International Celebs!

Join Diyana Scott in her Make Up Masterclass on 29th August, 2015, Saturday.