Mirour by DJ

Juliana Zaid is the beautiful maker behind our favourite accessories brand Mirour by DJ. She has crafted elegant, charming and sweet bracelets that women are now raving about on Facebook! I caught up with Juli to dig into her inspiration behind her collections, the business of fashion and more.

How did Mirour by DJ come to fruition?

‘I have never left the house without an accessory!’

I believe that most of us, women especially would have an accessory on them whenever they are out. Be it a watch or a ring.

The idea stemmed from this thought, where I can offer something that every woman wants to see on themselves.

It is simply to describe “You See What Your Heart Desires”.
I want my customers to see my accessories creation as what their heart desires.

Accessories do tell a lot about a person. It can symbolizes one’s feelings in the context of a gift but it can also represent one’s wealth when worn at an event. It also allows you to express yourself, to be unique or to make a strong statement. The diversity of designs for accessories give a range of meanings.


After reading some of the testimonials from your customers on how they loved your bracelets, I have to say that they are indeed gorgeous! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your current offerings and your creative process?

All our offerings since we first started were personally handpicked and put together by me.

The current favourite accessory is our Bead Charms Bracelet. The Bead Charms are handpicked with the considerations of the quality, current trend, colours and interest.

A lot of reading up, google-ing and researching on the current Fashion Accessories helps with the inspirations for our Bead Charms Bracelet.


Bead Charms Bracelet are very unique and personal to the owners. It is something which can tell a story about their life, likes or interest.

Customers’ preference to the designs and colours are very important to fulfil, thus we offer our customers an added on service where we will assemble their requested Bead Charms and send a picture to them to have a look before finalising.

What is the number one complaint that you hear the most from women and that you to take into consideration when designing your accessories?

We, women take pride in owning the accessories as it will reflect us. The choice of colours, designs and outlook will define us as a person.

The usual question I get from customers, ‘Can you do up the bracelet for me according to my favourite colours / life story / interest etc.’

The ones you usually get from shops are bracelets which are already assembled (not 100% as per their preference) or you have to assemble the bracelet at the shop (not time friendly).

What we offer caters to range of customers; those who like what they see from our samples, those who want to personally choose the Bead Charms at the convenience of online shopping and those who need help to assemble the bracelet as per their preference.

We ensure that our accessories are easy to put on, durable and versatile for everyday wear.


Who or what have been your biggest inspirations for Mirour by DJ? 

It is important to remember that beauty is both a physical and psychological experience and based basically on the following two qualities:

1) How we take care of ourselves (Health and Grooming)

2) How we feel about how we look (Positive self-regard)

Thus, MIROUR by DJ’s biggest inspiration is to develop a sense of Beauty Self-Esteem as Beauty and self-esteem are often highly related for women and even men to a certain extent.

You’re both a mother and a business owner. How were you able to keep doing what you do and stay focus? 

Family support. Support from my parents to help with my kids and support from my husband to help out with the business’s logistics.

Support from friends with their encouragements and feedbacks.

Acknowledgements from customers with their happiness and satisfaction after buying our products.


What has been the biggest learning curve in your entrepreneurship journey? 

Letting go of what doesn’t work out.
Accepting what has happened.
Have faith in what is coming.

As your brand grows, what are the key signature things that you would like consumers to remember Mirour by DJ for?

A one-stop platform where customers can increase their beauty self-esteem with the range of products and services that we offer.

What are your 2016 goals for Mirour by DJ?

Creating accessories range for Modern Muslim Women.
Creating accessories range for Mum and Daughter
Creating accessories range for Men


Last but not least, where can interested people get in contact with you and find your accessories collections?

LIKE our FB Page : MIROUR by DJ

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SMS or WApp us @ 8522 2708

Email us at mirourbydj@gmail.com