Managing Distractions


Written By Hanisah Adam

Do you meditate? Did you know that meditation helps people lower their stress levels and reach higher states of clarity and consciousness?

Many of us being too busy with our life, has neglected the importance of meditation. Meditation has not only spiritual benefit but worldly benefit and can be a means for healing and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. The world’s most successful people use mediation to help them in all situations and it is a tradition that we have forgotten. Let’s relive it and be one of the top successful people!

What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is one of the most important aspects of a successful Islamic lifestyle. It is when we recognise the Oneness of God. We contemplate and recognize that Allah is worthy of worship and that nothing else is. We recognize Truth in His words and in the guides He sent to us for our benefit. None of this is possible without contemplation, reflection, concentration, observation, and presence of mind.

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About the writer

Hanisah Adam is a veteran in business development and was awarded “STAR Award” from her previous company. Now, she manages Elegance Mag Online marketing & advertising activities and finds joys in meeting friends over a cup of ice blended double chocolate. She’s on facebook at /hanisah.adam