MakeUp Beauty Hacks – Clean Your MakeUp Brushes in Just 30 Seconds!


Make Up Beauty Hack – By JJ Yusof

MakeUp Beauty Hacks

You probably would have been sold the idea that to put on great makeup you need to have great makeup tools. After all great makeup artists will not go anywhere without their large suitcases that stores some of their finest brushes and tools.

I am not a makeup artist. But I love buying makeup brushes. I scout YouTube for the latest ‘wonder’ brush that will give you that ‘cut crease’ deep set eyes make up look. Or that contour miracle brush that will somehow define your bone structure ala Kim Kardashian. Yup, I am a brush junkie.

But here’s the thing about brushes. You have to CLEAN them. Brushes carry germs and bacteria that gets transferred from your face to the makeup you use and then back again to your face.  And if you are making a living as an makeup artist, you probably have to share your brushes with your clients and only wash them when you get home daily.

But what if you need to you use your brushes immediately the next day? Or laziness kicks in and you don’t want to do daily cleaning and prefer weekly cleaning? Or like me, who wants instant hospital grade cleanliness because my skin is acne prone and  cannot tolerate bacteria?

Ladies, the secret to clean brushes in my makeup beauty hack tricks…

Rubbing alcohol.

Also known as ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, this liquid will disinfect germs and bacteria. It is cheap and can be bought in most pharmacies. I like to pour them in a spritzer bottle and spray all over my makeup and brushes after every use. It takes 30 seconds to dry up and will not damage your makeup and brushes. I use this in the interim before my weekly brush cleaning routine. A thorough brush cleaning routine is still required to remove products build up but this method is excellent for those who like to ensure that your brushes are not breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

So there you go, what other methods quick and easy method have you used to clean your makeup? Let me know your thoughts

JJ Yusof