How To Make Mondays More Bearable…!


When indulging in a weekend of fun-filled activities, the thought of work never cross our minds. Why should it? The time to relax and be merry is HERE!!

But comes Sunday 9pm, dread fills you as you realise that Monday is just a few hours away. Which can only mean the start of the work week, the madness of rush hours and the time away from home and family.


I feel you and understand how you feel… Believe me, that heaviness in your heart and tummy, I have it too! So I came up with a few simple tips to make Mondays more bearable!

1. Wake up slightly earlier than usual


“Urgghhh… Just to wake up early on a Monday morning is a real drag. And now you are asking me to wake up even earlier.”

Yes… I urge to you to wake up 30 – 60 minutes than usual to laze around in your PJs, make a cup of coffee and slowly drink it or even read a book. You will realize that it makes a huge difference in your mental and emotional clarity once it is time to go to work.

2. Have a little conversation with Allah before you start your day.

Before Subuh every morning, I will Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) for at least 100 times. I am only human and I am sure that I make mistakes every single day whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Personally, I do feel calmer after I istighfar. The sense of serenity that comes with it is indescribable. And that is enough to make me face the day head on.


So, this is one of my ways to have a little conversation with Allah. And I tell you, it is worth every minute.

3. Look your best!

Wear your best outfit on Mondays.

That favourite scarf that you know you look good in. That dress that has such a flowy and swishy swashy feel to it. That lipstick that makes your smile all the more sweeter.

It doesn’t matter what others think. When you know you look this good, you will definitely feel good. And the day is just going to be splendid!


4. Plan something after work

Why should you only make plans for Fridays and the weekends?

Go out for dinner with your friends or colleagues after work. Plan some shopping with your family. Do something that you been meaning to but keep putting off due to some reasons.

Mondays is the new Fridays. And when you have something to look forward to, the day is somehow brighten and bring a positive change to your life.



Hope the tips that I shared will help you make your Mondays more bearable and extra special!

And who knows one day you may actually look forward to Mondays even more than Fridays!!!

PS – If you have any tips that you would like to share, do comment below! Sharing is caring…!