How to Keep Your Child Engaged Without the iPad


Written By Hanisah Adam

As technology grows, electronic devices like the iPad are becoming a bigger part of our lives everyday. And with their busy schedules, many parents are now relying on their iPad to keep their children happy and engaged. After all, it’s an easy way to distract your child and keep them calm and in a good mood. However, there are many problems that come with constantly using the iPad. It is a very sedentary activity, and constant exposure to the light of the screen can be bad for eyesight. Here are some other great ways to keep your kid engaged without resorting to a digital device.

Books are a great way to entertain kids that will help develop their brains and their reading skills. Reading is also a quiet activity, so it will provide you, as the parent, with a little bit of peace during your day. While it may be difficult to convince kids to read at first, it’s all about the way that you present it. Make sure it doesn’t seem like a chore – tell them to picture the story as a movie in their heads, especially if they love watching videos on your iPad. If they are younger, you can read the story to them, which is a great bonding activity as well…

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