How to keep a clean home?



Written by Indah Ahmad

The toughest thing when having a house is… SUPRISE, SURPRISE… the housework!

It doesn’t matter if you are working full-time, part-time or a stay-at-home mum. There is always something that needs cleaning and there is never enough time to clean them.
Of course, I LOVE a clean, spick and span house as much as the next person. But unfortunately, I am not a fan of housework. Call me lazy or disorganized, but after a hard day at work, I simply just want to relax and chill in front of the TV.

HOWEVER as much as I don’t want to do housework, I have to remind myself that there is another human being living with me. And I am pretty sure that he will not be too pleased with a messy and grimy house.

So here are 3 things you have and need to do to keep a clean home.

  1. Communication

Unless you are living alone, the housework doesn’t fall on only you. The responsibility of the housework should be shared within the adults staying in the house. Husbands, you know who I am talking about.

But one must realize communication is not about just telling who does what. But also to let out the expectations that each person has about the cleanliness of the house. You may have a low threshold for a clean house but your husband/mum/sister may not take dirtiness so lightly. So it is best to iron out any differences and compromise…

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