How To Decorate Your Home This Eid




How To Decorate Your Home This Eid

Are you trying to crack your head for ideas on how to decorate your home this Eid? If you are having a tough time figuring out what colour theme to set for your home or the type of décor you should have, we have 5 tips especially for you!

Work out the styles you like

Look at magazines, search through instagram or read blogs on home decorating to find inspiration for your home. Pinterest is a good app to use as well!  Start creating a board where you can save the home décor looks that you like!

Add personal touches here and there

Place a vase of flowers, beautiful scented candles, photo frames with pictures of loved ones or your favourite coffee table books in certain parts of the room. Do not go overboard with the personal touches. You don’t want guests to have their faces smacked with flowers everywhere they turn.



Get value-add paint colours

This tip is one of the most highlighted and it is often mentioned in home décor books and magazines. And it should be. The right paint colour can bring a much needed freshness and brightness to a room. It can also help to accentuate the furniture or pieces that you have in a room.


Don’t be afraid to mix styles

With so many styles to emulate, you can be hard-pressed to stick to one specific style. And you do not have to. Have fun with styling and mixing the different looks. Your home should always be a place that brings you comfort and inspiration.

Mix your tableware

Gone are the days where everything in your home has to match. Matching tableware is too overrated. You can actually save money by mixing rather than matching your tableware. And they can bring class and elegance to your dinner table!


Decorating your home does not have to be a hassle. Unleash your creativity and add your own personal touches. And the most important of all, make sure that your home is somewhere you can be comfortable. Happy decorating!

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And we have additional tips from the Founder & CEO of Decoriia, Mariam Husin!

What do you think are the current home decor trends for this coming Eid?

There is no one way of looking at home decorating trends. However, this year I believe plenty shades of green, botanical inspired theme, variety of planters pairing with wooden grains and earthy brown tones may be the trend for this coming Eid. This year the pantone colour for 2017 is green. Would love to see more green in homes. Many of the home owners that I have had the chance to remodel their homes are daringly taking a bold plunge in wanting to adopt a more eclectic style for their homes. The classic case of mixing the old and new has always been there to stay. I find these days, the industrial look or dull tarnished metals have had their days. Shiny warm metals like bronze and gold are resurging to lend glam and elegance to a space. 

What home decor mistakes that home owners tend to make in home decoration?

To name a few would be the basic home decor guidelines 101, the scale of the space and the size of the furnitures. It is very important to make sure that how exciting your furnitures can be, it is extremely crucial to relook and pay enough attention to the sizes of the intended room or space that will be involved in your styling and decorating plans and how the furnitures are going to fit in nicely. In the end, we definitely do not want to face a space that is cramp with oversized furnitures. 
Another challenge most home lovers would make is the quick impulsive decisions on paint colors for their homes. There is a number of factors to consider when choosing the colour of your walls. For example, how the natural light hits the space or what exactly are the furnishings and interior style plan. My advice to home lovers is to not get over zealous on the paint colors as yet, move in, take a breath, get a feel of the new space. Once you do, then make your plan. Always get testers. Best to work closely with your appointed designers to smoothen the journey into your new home. As most professional designers are well equipped and trained to handle such colour dilemma. Let them do the job.
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