How To Attain Focus In Your Prayers




“Now I started praying but I find it so hard to focus. My mind starts wondering about things that I need to settle. And when my mind starts wondering I lose track of what I am doing in my prayers. So how do I stay focus in prayers? Help!”


There is no denying that many of us experience this at one point when we are praying. Concentration is very important in our prayers. After all, prayer times are the times that we should focus all energy on the Almighty and get connected with Him. So what can we do to attain focus in our prayers?

Remember Allah Between Your Prayers

The moment our Fajr prayers are completed, we are already filled with tasks that needs to get done. Prepare breakfast, get ourselves and family members ready for school and work. Rush to commute from our home to work. Once we are at work, we bombarded with non-stop emails and meetings. So when do we actually take the time out to remember Allah? We are so preoccupied with worldly affairs and these thoughts will distract us when we pray.

Practice to remember Allah at all times. It will help you focus on Him during your prayers as you have been doing so the whole day. And even when you lose focus, you are more likely to regain back your concentration easily as you have Allah in your thoughts most of the time.

Empty Out Your Heart And Mind Before You Start

Like when you are at the office and doing your work, you will leave your personal affairs at home. The same thing when you are at home. Anything to do with work is left at your office.

So when it comes to prayers, we should put away all our other affairs before we start our prayers. Empty out our heart and mind a few minutes before we pray. Make sure that once we start praying, it is all about Allah and nothing else.

Learn The Meanings Of The Words You Say

Do you feel that every surah you recite sounds monotonous? Are you left wondering what they actually mean and why they are important in prayers? If you don’t know what the surah means and why they are important, it is time you start learning.

You can only be focus when you know what you are saying and doing. And this will bring you closer to Allah when you realise the importance of prayers.

Remember Death Just Before And During Prayers

One of the most effective ways that get many to start praying is to remember death. What if this is Isya’ prayer is the last prayer that we will ever perform before we drift off to sleep and never wake up again? And what if this Isya’ prayer was not done properly and lack of concentration from our part? Will it be enough to spare us from the fires of hell? Will it be enough for us to get us in Jannah?

So, remember Death and how it can happen at anytime and anywhere.

Hopefully, with these tips, it will help you attain focus in your prayers. In shaa allah…


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