For A Healthier You: Express Gratitude!




Let me tell you a story about an ex-colleague of mine. 

R was a remarkable man. I find him to be very articulate and knowledgeable in many subjects. We can talk in great lengths about topics such as politics, travel and where to get the best chicken rice in town. With such a great mind like his, you would expect him to be at the top of his game, conquering the world.
Unfortunately, he was not. While R had an incredible mind, his attitude and personality leaves a lot to be desired. You see, R is a GRUMBLER.
Everyday, he always had something negative to say.
“The boss dislike him and give him so much grief” “That colleague must be the one that complain about me to the boss” “I did my best but no one appreciates” “My family never help me in anything” “My father rely on me too much for money” “Why must I be the one to support my parents?” He was always blaming circumtances, environment and the people around him for his “misfortune”.
Many times, he complained to me about his back pains and headaches. The reasons why he was late for work and at times had to skip work. It seems that it got so bad that it was uncommon to see him come in more than an hour late today and skip work the next day. Of course, eventually he got fired. Whether he really did have genuine health problems or he has been faking it the whole time, I never did find out. But one thing I knew was that he was MISERABLE. And it was taking a toll on him.
He had a lot of good things going for him and he could have been a somebody doing something worthwhile. But he chose not to see it. He chose to focus on the negative aspects of his life. He decided there is nothing to be grateful for.
That is one of the reasons why being grateful is so crucial in our lives.
Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet said: “There are four qualities, whoever is given them has truly been given the best in this world and the next. They are: a grateful heart (that is thankful to Allah), a remembering tongue (that mentions Allah often), an enduring body (to persevere through the trials), and a faithful wife.”
And this means that being grateful is a quality of success for this life and the hereafter. Do you also know that being grateful is beneficial towards your health? It not only makes you a much happier person, but a healthier one at that.
Here are the overall healthy benefits of being grateful:
  • Calm down

Gratitude releases a positive effect on our body and it can help to reduce stress hormones! And here is a tip for those with sleeping disorder – before you sleep, make a list of the things that you are grateful down and you will definitely have a restful sleep.

  • Healthier heart

Do you want to protect your heart by decreasing blood pressure? Just take a little time of your busy day and give thanks!

  • Breathe easier

Want to quit smoking? Be more GRATEFUL! When you are more grateful, you tend to make healthier choices for yourself and thus you can breathe easier.

  • Slim down

This is good news for those who been trying to shed those extra pounds! In a recent study, grateful people tend to appreciate their body and health more. So they spend more time exercising and keeping themselves fit!

  • Stronger immunity

With gratitude, positivity comes! Strangely enough, this helps to build up human immune system and improve its response! You can say bye bye to doctors!

Here are other psychological benefits:

  • can lower risk of major depression
  • reduces toxic negative emotions such as anger and jealousy
  • linked to empathy and lower aggression
  • improves self-esteem
  • can help overcome trauma and mental resilience

So what are you waiting for? With so many healthy and psychological benefits, let’s us all be more GRATEFUL!!!

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