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Do you ever had a dream of pursuing something and then at the last moment, decided against it? You feel that you are unable to achieve the dream in some way and chose not to pursue it in fear…

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Misdirected hopes. So many of us suffer from misdirected hopes. Some of us expect perfection from ourselves. Some are seeking the perfect relationship, or spouse, or friendship. Some want the perfect body or perfect career. But we all suffer from…


How to wake up for Tahajjud easily? Is there any easy method to wake up for Tahajjud? Nod your head if this is you. You set the intention to wake up for the night prayer, Tahajjud.  Allah descends to the…

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These two, when combine, brings you nothing but failure in life. And no one likes a lazy person. Laziness and procrastination can hinder you from being the best person you can be. It also can become the reason why we don’t do good…

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