Bakers You Will Fall In Love With!




Chocolates, Cakes, Cupcakes… The 3”C” of the desserts world.

Just talking about them makes one’s mouth water…. SIGH! Ok… Back to reality…

“I have a birthday/engagement/wedding/seminar coming up real soon and I have no idea who can help me with my desserts. Help!”

Don’t panic! We sourced out for you 5 incredible bakers that we know you will simply fall in love with their beautiful cakes, cupcakes…. You name it or even imagine it… They will do their best to create the delicious desserts of your dreams!

Say hello to our gorgeous baker-preneurs!



(Photo Credits: SG Birthdaycakes)

Founder: Marlisawati & Hardi

Company: SG Birthdaycakes

When was it established: 2012

Specialty: Specialize in 3D and customised novelty cakes

Facebook: SG Birthdaycakes

Contact No: WA at 9730 0964

What We Love About SG Birthdaycakes:

The stunning designs of the cakes! As long as you have an idea or image in your head, they will make it a reality for you in the shape of a cake! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the cakes are YUMMILICIOUS!



(Photo Credits: Going Basic Cakes & French Pastries)

Founder: Sabrina Yeow

Company: Going Basic Cakes & French Pastries

When was it established: May 2015

Specialty: Crocquembuches, Macaroon Towers, Dessert Tables, Customisation for Corporate Events, Customisation for wedding Cakes and Birthdays events.

Facebook: Sabrina Yeow

Contact No: 9834 4785

Address: 263 Tanjong Katong Road, #01-01 Suites @ Katong, Singapore 437050

What We Love About Going Basic Cakes & French Pastries:

The Crocquembuches and Macaroon Towers!!! Have you seen anything so captivating? And you MUST try the pastries. They are to die for!!!!



(Photo Credits: M.Darwisy)

Founder: Siti Iswani Zainal

Company: Just Cuppies by Wannie

When was it established: 2013

Specialty: Weddings or Events Dessert Table, Dessert Platters, Cupcakes, Jar Cakes and Roll Cakes

Facebook: Just Cuppies By Wannie

Contact No: 8612 8441

What We Love About Just Cuppies by Wannie:

You will be spoiled for choice with her alluring arrays of mini cakes in cups and cupcakes! And the Nutella Roll Cake definitely did not disappoint the chocoholics in us!



(Photo Credits: M.O.S Delightz)

Founder: Lina Mos

Company: M.O.S Delightz

When was it established: July 2013

Specialty: Mixing her creativity with her passion into birthday cake, festive cookies, dessert & choux pastries

Facebook: M.O.S Delights

Contact No: 8268 9613

What We Love About M.O.S Delightz:

The mini eclairs and mini cream puffs are seriously addictive! Once we start, there is no stopping! Also, look out for her creation of beautiful Artistic 3D Flower Jellies!



(Photo Credits: D’Hana Delicasis)

Founder: Hidayah Ramli

Company: D’Hana Delicasis

When was it established: June 2012

Specialty: Red Velvet Cake, D’Ondeh Cake, Dahlia,Tella Tarts,Meringue, Kek Lapis Nutella & Kek Batik

Facebook: D’Hana Delicasis

Contact No: 8339 7097

What We Love About D’Hana Delicasis:

We cannot get over her D’Ondeh cakes and cupcakes! Ultimate sinfulness but we love to keep coming back for more. Another signature from her that you NEED to try is her Kek Lapis Nutella! Slurps!

There you have it! Our lovely baker-preneurs! Make sure to try theirs desserts the next time you have an event coming up!



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