5 Ways to Improve Self-Confidence


5 Ways to Improve Self-Confidence


Do you ever had a dream of pursuing something and then at the last moment, decided against it? You feel that you are unable to achieve the dream in some way and chose not to pursue it in fear of failure.

Well… you are not alone. It is something that every one of us feels at some point in our lives. The fear of failure or rejection when we want to set out towards our goals or dreams. But we can’t let fear rule our lives and stop us from getting out the best in life. So, what’s next?

Overcome our fear.

One of the ways we can overcome our fears is building up our self-confidence or self-esteem. What is self-confidence? It is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.

The reason why fear exists is because we do not have trust in our abilities to do well. We do not trust our own judgement to make the right decisions in our own lives. And this often leads us to have low self-confidence or self-esteem.

So how do we improve our self-confidence?

Get up and get DRESS!

Ever heard of the phrase “when you look good, you feel good”?

There is so much truth in that! Put on your favourite blouse or wear the jeans that seem to make you look taller or don on that gorgeous shawl you were saving for a special occasion.

It may seem superficial but it is little things like putting a little bit of effort in your daily wear can make a difference in your day and your outlook on life.


Think positive thoughts and act positive

When you wake up, don’t think “oh, today is going to be such a drag”. Change that mindset to “It feels so good to be alive” or “What a great sleep I had. Today will be a great day”. Having a positive attitude actually makes you get through a day easier. It helps to manage any stresses you have at work. Instead of running away from problems, positive thoughts and acting positive allows you to face the problems head-on.


Embrace all of you

Embrace the beauty that is you. The good, the bad & the ugly. Remember that we are only human and are very far from perfection. We have some good stuff and some flaws in us. And that is alright.

Acknowledge the flaws that you have and figure out a way to work on them. If you are couch potato, schedule some active time for yourself. If you have some anger issues, research on how you can be calmer and more collected. Don’t use your flaws as hindrance to success. Work on them to be the best version of you.


Set a small goal and achieve it

Create small, doable goals for yourself. Set a goal that you know you can achieve.

The feeling that you have once you achieve your goals will keep you going. And gives you that much needed boost and energy to achieve other small goals in your life.


Focus on solutions

What most people like to do is to dwell on their problems. Their problems are the worst, they have it the hardest and life is playing a sick, cruel joke on them. What they should be doing is focus on solutions for their problems and move on.

When you are facing a sticky situation in any aspect of your lives, don’t despair and give up. Look deeper and find the cause of the problem. And look for solutions that can clear them up. Moaning and complaining about the problem will not solve anything. The sooner you learn that, the better your life will be.


Importantly, believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your judgement. Believe that you have what it takes to reach your goals and dreams. Put in that little extra effort and you will get there eventually.