5 Tips To Get You Started On Your Fitness Journey


By Nur Haslina Koh

“I’ve got no time!”

“I don’t know what to do or where to start!”

“I don’t like to go to the gym… There are so many guys there, its embarassing”

“I got no friends to exercise with! I can’t do this alone!”

“I exercise exercise also no point. Body still like this”

“It’s so expensive to keep fit!”

Heard of all these reasons for not keeping your fitness in check? You are absolutely not alone. Some of these reasons (or excuses, rather) have even crossed MY mind or hindered my fitness journey at some point in time. I am also certain that there are many fitness personalities or even normal people like you and I who make fitness part of their lifestyle would have, at SOME point in their fitness journey, had these thoughts.

So how do we overcome this? Here are 5 tips for you!

1) Set a strong “niat” (intention)

The first and most important thing to grasp, because Innamal a’malu binniyyat.

Everything starts with our intention. What are we exercising for? Why would we want fitness to be a part of your life?

It is very easy to sway or lose focus during a fitness journey, but when we have a strong niat, it is easier to get back on track when we revert back to your niat…

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About the writer

Being a Paediatric Physiotherapist, Haslina Koh treats children with physical disabilities through rehabilitation and exercise. Her passion for helping people through exercise transcends her work with children. Haslina firmly believes that taking care of our bodies is a way to show gratitude to our Creator for granting us this temporary gift, and it is our Amanah to keep it as healthy as possible, so that it is returned to Him in a state as perfect as it was lent to us. Join her as she shares tips that she gathered throughout her own fitness journey, in hopes to inspire sisters through their fitness journeys as well!