5 Things Everybody Ought To Know About Following Your Bliss


Written by Nura Ahmad

So – does happiness really equate to health when we follow our bliss?

What does ‘follow your bliss” mean? I’ll start off by sharing what it doesn’t mean.

Our bodies, the most complex of machines, are given to us as a trust. They should not be abused or neglected but maintained in good order and certainly it doesn’t mean that we should indulge in all the different types of sensual pleasures perceived by our five senses like overeating, abusing our body with drugs; medications, addictions with social media and burying ourselves in consumerism. This is something much deeper even if it means having delayed gratification.

Following your bliss is a sacred call to action especially for your soul to pursue what makes it happy! Which means we need to start paying attention to what makes us happy, to the things we do in our lives that make it seem like three minutes has gone by when it’s really been hours. We want to keep doing what we love and love what we do that makes us feel happy, fulfilled and blissful.

Several years ago I learned that my colon was infected with H.Pylori which results my battle for survival preventing colon cancer from evolving. The moment I heard about it, my heart literally jumped out of my chest and I knew I had to give my all in the battle. All in good time, it was a turning point for me to incorporate my early years of extended yoga practices, meditation and in-depth self-inquiry practices to heal myself internally that resulted in my growing interest to use Yoga as a means of lifelong health investment. My friends and family who have witnessed my healing journey, undoubtedly joined me and encouraged me to continue pursuing Yoga further.

While my heart was gunning for it, I could not get my head around how to find the money for the teacher training programme whilst I was still undergoing my undergraduate studies and saving up for my wedding. All told, the total was going to be close to four thousand dollars, something I did not have to invest.

Undeterred, I came to the conclusion, via my heart that I did not need to get my head around anything. If I was meant to have it, then the Universe would take care of the details no matter how daunting the financial cost. In support of my belief, I shared my intention with several of my close friends, family members and my significant other, shared my yoga musings on and off the mat actively on social media and simply trusted the Universe to align everything in support of my goal.

Sure enough, things seemed to be vibrating closer to my reach and I found myself in the corner of the yoga studio undergoing my sponsored 200hr yoga teacher training on the last week of Ramadan.

Added to that, I was offered a job promotion as a digital marketing executive once I’ve completed my yoga teacher training. With these events intermitting simultaneously, I was caught in a crossroad choosing between the two things I am deeply passionate about – Yoga and Digital Marketing. While fulfilling a fixated path that will give me financial stability and a path that will bring ample of opportunities for me to help others in their healing journey, the latter seem like a once in a lifetime willy wonka’s golden ticket to lifetime happiness.Since that experience, I have utilised a check list to acknowledge when anything that comes with ease, it is His way. If it does not, it is not His way, and where there is passion, there’s always ease because it’s always in line with His will. Undoubtedly, following my bliss does equate to happiness and good health even though the body get exhausted from shuffling from meetings to teaching yoga classes and workshops. Sometimes it is when we have the courage to follow our inner prompts and go after what we are most passionate about, the Universe often finds creative ways to support our every need.

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About the writer

Nura Ahmad is a Certified 200HR Hatha & Ashtanga yoga instructor from Tirisula Yoga & a Certified Kids & Families Yoga teacher from Global Rainbow Kids Yoga. It was her early practice of yoga at 17 that gave her strength to prevent colon cancer from eveolving in 2012.

Now at 24, she is currently on a quest to guide others in awakening their inner strength & finding harmony within for a fulfilling life filled with gratitude & acceptance!