5 reasons why you should ATTEND “Dare to Dream: Modest Wear High Fashion Runway”



This is a term that I am definitely not familiar with. I always associate high fashion with Fashion Week, Paris or Victoria Beckham. But MODEST WEAR high fashion?

Hmmmmm…. Definitely something new!

So WHAT is it?

It is an event that encourage local designers, models, talents, artists and entrepreneurs to come out of there comfort zones and take control of their dreams and life paths.Themed “:Dare to Dream”, it also encourage participants at the event to dream bigger, not just for themselves but for the higher good with what they can do.

So why should you… Yes you… attend this event?

Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Raising Funds for the Harun Ghani Education Fund (HGEF)

Harun Ghani Education Fund is a charity organisation set up to help children, whose parents are in prison or are drug offenders, with their education. Their main aim is to ensure that the children stay in school and provide them with the necessities that they require, such as books and shoes.

It is really heart-wrenching to hear the stories of the children having to go through their lives without one or even both their parents. To be able to only eat a packet of nuggets for meals and that is shared between so many people in the family. It is something that many of us never had to go through. And with that being said, we can help ease the burden and pain that they have to go through.

Alhamdulilah, this event is in support of Harun Ghani Education Funds. Part of the proceeds from this event will be donated to HGEF. Let’s help these kids get an education and live a better tomorrow!

2) FREE Market just before the event

Free market

FREE market is where anyone can get items for FREE, hence the name. There is no BUYING, SELLING or TRADING! You just come and place items like books or shawls, things that you know will bring a great benefits to others and let them take for FREE!

How amazing is that?

Seeing someone walking with something that have been a great benefit to you, now going to do the same for the next person… I think there is no words to describe that feeling!

3) A chance to see MODEST wear

When one thinks of high fashion, one always think of skinny models in outfits that one will never ever wear in public or some skimpy clothes that may barely cover some parts that should not see sunlight.

“Dare to Dream – Modest Wear High Fashion Runway”, however is so much different! Total opposite in fact.

You will get to see gorgeous outfits that you as a muslimah will be proud to wear. There is no event like this and it will be something to look forward to!

4) Local designers will be showcase!

We seldom catch any whiffs of local designers here. Especially those designing modest wear.

It is not that they are not around. They are everywhere, some have even been in the industry for more than 5 years. Unfortunately there was never a platform to showcase them until now!

Meet more than 10 local designers at this exclusive fashion event. Be amazed at the creative and talented local designers showcasing their beautiful designs!

Here is a sneak peek of the local designers you will be meeting at the event!


5) A chance to meet and network with successful entrepreneurs from Singapore and Malaysia

For those with new businesses or those intending to start a business, this is an opportunity for you to meet and network with successful entrepreneurs from Singapore and Malaysia. A chance to know what made them be entrepreneurs and how they became who they are today.

Who knows, through this meet up, a collaboration may be in the works. And sometimes just knowing people from various industries help to keep your motivation up!

So everyone, come and attend “Dare to Dream – Modest Wear High Fashion Runway” on Sunday, 14 June 2015, 1 – 5pm!

To book your tickets, contact 97216149 or email elegance.ezine@gmail.com for more information.


Written by Indah Ahmad

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