4 Easy Steps to Beauty with Zikir!



When we zikir, we are manifesting the qualities within ourselves that originate from Allah. As we zikir, we repeat and reinforce those qualities in remembrance of Allah and His attributes and actively reminds that we can attain those qualities.

Women will especially benefit because zikir can be done anytime and anywhere, be recited aloud or in silence and can be taken advantage of on days when we are excused from solat.

So while most of us are in search for the perfect beauty product for flawless skin or the next trendy makeup, why not zikir His attributes in beauty?

Zikir as many times as you wish but we recommend 3x as a minimum.

1.Ya Al Musawwir (3x)

2.Ya Al Hadi (3x)

3.Ya An Nur (3x)

4.Insert your duas after your zikir, blow into the palm of your hand and run through your hands over your face as if you are using water to wash your face. Do it daily.

Do you know that zikir also acts as a positive energy that will help you shield against external negative energy? So give it a try today and see your life change!

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Juzaila Jumari

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