31 Days Social Media Challenge


Do  you struggle with  your marketing efforts in social media? Apart from the many tasks and responsibilities one has to do for a start up, marketing in social media would probably account as one of the most taxing in terms of productive hours.

Creating an account in facebok or instagram is easy. Maintaining it, is not. It is also not a walk in the park to grab the attention of the many eyeballs that circulates in social media. What would engage your audience? And what would make them buy from you? Yet answering these questions will not make any difference if your marketing efforts are not consistent.

So the objective of organizing this challenge is easy. We want you to create the habit of marketing consistently. When people hear from you often, people will remember you. And if you share consistent valueable content, people will want to hear from you often. These are different from spamming, in which you force your audience to constantly listen to your sales pitch. In general, people want to buy but they dont like to be sold.

So how do you participate in this challenge? Easy.

  1. Register your interest here
  2. Download or print the FREE checklist that is provided for you after you register.
  3. Connect with us and comment on your progress #EleganceSocialMediaChallenge

Everyday for the next 31 days, you will only need to post once on your social media platform. Hashtag #EleganceSocialMediaChallenge on your post or comment and share your progress on our page.

If you prefer an online checklist, go to coach.me and join the online list here

Challenge begins on the 1st October 2015, so from now till the 1st bounce around ideas that you wish to share, research some trending topics or sort out your photo gallery.

See you on the Challenge!

Juzaila Jumari

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