3 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Business When You Are Ambitious But Broke


The hardest thing to do is start. When you start thinking of the big picture,  often times as much as it is exciting, you can also feel overwhelmed by the prospect of expansion and capital.Some people are afraid of failure but success can also be scary,  more so for some people.

So lets examine 3 things you can do now to kickstart that ambition with little fear. That even though you  have such big dreams to fulfil, the tasks are so small and minute. Yet its in the littlest thing that creates the most impact.

1. Decide on 1 idea that you and only you need to act upon.

What is one thing that you can do right now that you need no help with? Cooking, baking, sewing, translating, copywriting, jewellery making, cleaning, ironing, prototyping, transcribing, babysitting etc. Something that you can do without requiring any forms of consultation or the marriage of  skills from anybody.  There are only 2 categories of business in business; products or services. Decide if what you are doing fall on the category of products or services.

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Teacher by day and serial hunter of ideas by night. Juzaila has 15 years of sales and marketing experience and is a self proclaimed Multipotentiallist. One who had many experiences in various industries, F&B, education, wellness and training, her main challenge is choosing only ONE of her many passionate callings. She writes, teach, cooks and intends to put on many other hats to the list, on top of running a startup digital magazine. She wants to run a virtual global education centre for underprivileged women and children before she dies and beliieves that the hand that rocks the cradle can surely rocks the world too.

“I want to do great work that will serve me in the next life.” – Juzaila Jumari