2 Insanely and Awesome Ways to Have a Productive 2016


New Year…be it 1437 or 2016, new year brings itself a fresh outlook on hopes and life. You start to spring clean and declutter only to reclutter by February. You track your fitness goals, your life goals, your tasks and daily to dos in 2 maybe 3 separate journals but end up misplacing them and lapse the entries. It is easy to start fresh for the new year but how will you bring about consistent change throughout the year as you get busier while you remain organized and productive?


Konmari, a technique founded by Marie Kondo, consists of gathering together everything you own and then keeping only those things which “spark joy” (tokimeku in Japanese, literally “flutter, throb, palpitate”), and choosing a place for everything from then on. The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing…


  • Reduce the number of clothes that you have, going through and keeping only those that make you happy. A well organized closet should have room for a lot of belongings. There is even a method on how you can fold your clothes for more effective storage! In a nutshell, clothes are folded so they can ‘stand’ so you can have a full view of what is available and find what you need immediately. No more rummaging through piles.
Konmari shirt folding method

Konmari shirt folding method

Konmari pants folding method

Konmari pants folding method

  • Get rid of papers in the office. This is self explanatory, it saves the environment and it is is so easy to go paperless these days.
  • Store belongings vertically. Books, clothes, files are easily accessible when they are upright than when they are laid down. Nothing is hidden from your view.
  • Organize by colour. Visually it removes eye clutter when things are sorted according to their colour.
  • Rethink storing small items. Use small boxes for small items. Smalls items placed in big boxes often gets lost.
  • Say bye to books. There’s no need to keep or display them. Only keep those that gives you joy. Reducing the number of books display will give you a huge amount of space.
  • Attack bathroom and kitchens. Keep EVERYTHING out of sight.
  • Make your entryway tidy. Place a cabinet by your entryway to hold your everyday belongings, like keys and shoes. Keep it orderly behind close doors.


Fitness journal. Checked. Food journal. Checked. Water journal. Checked. To Do notebook. Checked. Apps. Checked. Gratitude journal…


Does that drive you crazy? Having to micro manage to manage your day as you go about your new year goals?

Instead, pool all your checklists and schedule into one planner so you only manage ONE planner. Just one that you can bring about with you because lets face it, old school technology (writing!) is still quicker than trying to find that app you downloaded, and try writing a memo with your phone. You will wish for a pen.

The Ultimate Planner

The Ultimate Planner

Like the Konmari method, The Ultimate Planner has all your priority checklists and schedule on just one sheet of paper so it is easy to glance your daily tasks and schedule. Plus, it is so pretty you would want to fill up your day with it or just doodle.

On limited print only, order yours here

JJ Yusof


Have you tried the Konmari method? What do you think of it and post your comments.

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