How Do I Start Praying?


How do I start


You tell yourself that tomorrow will be the day that you would start praying. No more excuses Before you sleep, you set your alarm clock with much determination to wake up for Fajr.

You are in the comfort of your bed and in a very deep sleep when your alarm rang. You groaned and set off your alarm clock and closed your eyes. 5 more minutes of sleep, you say. Before you knew it, you overslept and had to rush to get ready for work.

Having miss Fajr, you lost your momentum and desire to fulfil the promise you made to yourself the night before. And as times fly by, you started missing the other Prayers times too. And when you go to bed that night, the regret of not doing what you set out to do today starts to creep in. Why is it so hard to start praying?

As Muslims, we know the importance of prayers. After all, Sholat is the second pillar of Islam. That itself already shows us what a big deal Sholat is in our our life. So why are we not doing it? If we want to, how to even start?

Build Your Love For Allah

When we feel disconnect to something, we tend to not make that something a priority in our life. The same goes for Sholat. You need to rebuild that connection to Allah. You need to starting building your love for Allah. How?

In the age of fast information, you can read books based on Islam, watch lectures by Ustaz and Ustazah on youtube and attend classes at your mosques. The choices are endless. The only thing you need is to make time during your day to do those things. As your knowledge about Islam expands and your love for Allah grows, the desire to Sholat will ignite. In shaa allah.

Don’t Regard Sholat As A Burden

One of the reasons that hold us back from praying is that we regard Sholat as a burden.

“Urgh. I am already surrounded with so much work and now I have to pray.” Sounds familiar?

We have to STOP this type of thinking.

Use that precious 5 – 10 minutes of Sholat to get away from the madness of the world. Sholat is the time that you talk with Allah and show HIM that you love him. That you are grateful for everything that HE had given you. And that you seek forgiveness from HIM for all your sins. This precious moment is the time that you pour out to him your problems and troubles. No one can understand you like HE does. NO ONE!

5 minutes is not a lot of time and it will not affect your schedule much or even at all.

But those 5 minutes are the ones that will help regain your sanity and soul. It is struggle to start something, but if you do it often enough, you will be lost without it.

May Allah eases our journey in whatever we do. Amin


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